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Suzhou Mingxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of braided sleeving products. Our products are designed to cover various types of cables used for many different industrial applications. We provide customers with PET braided sleeving, nylon braided sleeving, nomex braided sleeving and Kevlar synthetic fiber braided sleeving. One of our most important customers is American Amphenol, one of the world's largest producers of interconnect products. Working with them for more than 10 years has helped us to develop into a trusted manufacturer doing business worldwide. All of our products are fully certified according to relevant governing bodies and we are sure to have what you need. Contact us today to learn more.

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Main Products
    1. PET Braided Sleeving
    2. PET Braided Sleeving

      PET is the short name of Polyethylene terephthalate, and it is a white or pale yellow polymer with a high degree of crystallinity.

    1. Nylon Braided Sleeving
    2. Nylon Braided Sleeving

      The PA66 nylon multifilament braided sleeving is made of high-powered PA66 multifilament or PET multifilament.

    1. Kevlar Synthetic Fiber Braided Sleeving
    2. Kevlar Synthetic Fiber Braided Sleeving

      Kevlar, scientific name of Poly-paraphenylene terephthalamide, is a brand name of an aramid fiber produced by Dupont.

    1. Nomex Braided Sleeving
    2. Nomex Braided Sleeving

      Nomex braided sleeving is made using Nomex fiber, which features an outstanding heat resistance and high strength.

Custom Solution

Mingxin is an all-solution provider with a focus on braided sleeving production, assisted by the production of CNC machined fittings. We produce special braided sleevings with an excellent performance for abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, fire retardant, noise reduction and shielding.

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  • Custom Solution
  • Custom Solution
  • Custom Solution
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